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Coach Rating Course

April 6, 2019 - April 8, 2019



  • USPA membership
  • Hold a USPA B-license. (We can help you with the USPA license application if needed.)
  • minimum of 100 jumps


You need a current IRM (Instructional Rating Manual) and SIM (Skydivers Information Manual) for the course. Current means not older than 24 months. Free pdf files are available on USPA’s website. Send us an email and we will send you a link to the books. If you prefer an actual book you can purchase a printed copy on USPA.org.

There is a Coach Proficiency card in the Coach section of the IRM. Number 2 on the card, assisting in a first jump class, is a prerequisite and needs to be signed off before coming to the course. The Proficiency card serves as your rating application form after you are done with the course. All other numbers will get signed off at the course

USPA requires all candidates to complete the written test at home and bring the answers to the course. You can find the questions in the back of the IRM.


We now offer a Coach Pre-course. It is a one-day course/class during which we prepare you for the Coach course. In our experience, the Coach course is the most overwhelming instructional rating course. Tons of information that needs to be processed and often times candidates have their hands full with the evaluation jumps where they need to be able to focus on someone else instead of worry about themselves. We offer this pre-course as an option it is not mandatory. We will work on some class stuff and if weather permits work on jump skills. We can and will adept the program of the day to your needs.

We will tailor this pre-course to YOUR individual needs. We can schedule it on the day prior to the Coach course or any day that works for you and us.
You can also take this pre-course when you are not ready for the Coach course yet but would like to prepare for it. For instance, you want to take the Coach course but are still working on the 100 required jumps. There are no specific requirements for this pre-course. Again we can tailor it to your needs.
Cost for the pre-course is $100 plus the cost of all jump slots in the aircraft.


The course starts with verification of the requirements so bring your USPA membership card and logbook if necessary.

The first course day is a full day of classroom. On the other 2 days, we will make the 2 evaluation jumps and the 7 short ground preparations. The IRM Coach exam will get graded during class. You must score at least 80% to pass.


  • Score satisfactory on a Category G evaluation jump
  • Score satisfactory on a category H evaluation jump
  • 2 satisfactory teaching sessions of first jump class topics
  • Teach the 5 group freefall skill sections from the Coach Proficiency Card
  • Score at least 80% on the IRM Coach Exam
  • Satisfactory student equipment check
  • Satisfactory debrief of the jumps

Please let us know if you need additional information and /or need a Coach Proficiency card: info@SkydiveRatings.com


Item Cost
Coach Rating Course
Course Fee $295
Coach pre-course $100


April 6, 2019
April 8, 2019