“Go Home with a Video and Digital Photographs of your Tandem Skydive

Your video will be uploaded to YouTube so you can easily share your skydiving experience!
Visit our Tandem Skydive Video Gallery to see Video we have posted for our recent Tandem Skydivers.

Freefall Video & Digital Photo Package $105

Our Freefall photographers are highly trained to provide amazing footage of your entire skydive experience.

Includes a Flash Drive containing your skydiving video and digital photographs

Handcam Video $70

Our skilled professionals capture footage of your exit, freefall, and while flying under the parachute.

Includes a Flash Drive containing your skydiving video

Freefall Photos $50

Our skilled professionals will capture photos during your freefall.

Includes a Flash Drive containing your digital photos

Our staff includes a number of professional, highly skilled, aerial videographers; who are equipped with helmets fitted with the latest cameras.

With the outside video and stills, they will accompany you in your preparation for your tandem skydive capturing your anticipation; then be at your side in the aircraft while it climbs to altitude and throughout your freefall.  After opening they land before you and typically video your landing. 

Since they are committed to creating a personal video of your skydive, the video and stills option must be purchased by each tandem skydiver; as they can only accompany one skydiver at a time. 

Once you have landed, your videographer will edit your video while you wait, complete with music and special effects. You will be given a DVD version of your video and CD containing the digital still photos.  Flashdrives/USBs are available for an upgrade. Then, your videographer will upload your video to YouTube so you can email the link to your friends and family.

Most people watch watch their video with friends and family so many times they lose count. Everyone is so excited by the experience that they can’t wait to share it with everyone they know. We highly recommend you not pass up this option to capture your experience! It is a great way to re-live your 1st skydive second only to taking advantage of our reduced prices for repeat tandem skydives!