Our Schedule of Skydiving Camps & Boogies
2016 – 2017

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Night Jumps at Skydive Sebastian

February 3
(If one is cancelled then we will do night jumps March 3)

Briefing is half hour after sunset

Must Have:
• Backlit/glow in the dark altimeter.
• 1 red and 1 green glow stick
• Strobe light

Night jump kits available that include strobe, red and green light. $21.

Head Down Vertical World Record Tryouts

February 17 -18

  • Is your goal to be on the next Vertical World Record at Skydive Chicago in Summer 2018?
  • Have you ever been on a formation jump?
  • Have you ever jumped while being “judged”?
  • Want to practice floating or diving?

Prepare yourself in a low pressure safe environment where learning is the sole goal. If you can safely approach a formation, fly in your slot and safely turn 180 and back track on break off this is the camp for you.

Who can participate?

  • Must be able to safely fly head down on level and in your slot relative to a base
  • Must be able to turn 180 and back track on break off
  • Don’t need to be able to dock, just fly in your slot on level
  • If your flying is questionable or unsafe in any way for this group size you may be cut from the event

Event Schedule:

  • 21 jumps, 7 jumps per day
  • Meet time to be determined.

Camp Costs:

Visit the SDC Core – Head Down Camps 2017 Webpage for details

Email us

Camps are limited to 40 people. We will not hold your slot until the registration is paid. Registration is non-refundable (extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration)

Registration for the February 17-18 camp is $50/day

Camp outline:

Start with one plane 20 ways, doing dives that focus on specific bigway skills: all floating, all diving, flying your slot with no grips, taking grips, and then putting the groups together for formation jumps or keeping them as two groups but still doing formation jumps.

Visit the SDC Core Website for Registration Information

Winter rating courses at Skydive Sebastian

Coach Rating Course

March 10-12  Coach course

The first course day is a full day of classroom. On the other day(s) we will make the 2 evaluation jumps and the 7 short ground preparations. The IRM Coach exam will get graded during class. You must score at least 80% to pass.


Coach Rating Course
Course Fee $295
Course Challenge $170
Register for Coach Rating Course

Tandem Rating Course

March 13-15  Tandem course

The tandem rating system in the USA is such that each manufacturer issues their own Tandem Instructor rating.

You need a UPT rating to jump a Sigma and/or Vector tandem system, a Strong tandem rating to jump a Strong tandem rig and a rating from JumpShack to jump a Racer system.

If you need multiple ratings you can get cross trained to another tandem system after you have at least 25 jumps on one system. The manufacturer must approve the rating you have. Crosstrain is a shorter process to get the rating. Less examination jumps are required.If you need two ratings right away, it requires two full tandem rating courses for each rating.

USPA group member dropzones require all tandem instructors to hold the USPA Tandem Instructor rating in addition to the factory rating.There is no charge if you take the USPA Tandem course with your factory rating course Please go to the pages for each rating for more detailed information.


Manufacturer’s Tandem Rating Course
Full Course $350 + gear
Cross Training $200 + gear
Tandem Equipment Rental Phase I & X-Train Jumps $30 + pack
Tandem Equipment Rental Phase II Jumps for SR Candidates $30 + pack
Tandem Equipment Rental Phase II w/ SR staff & Continuing Education $50 + pack
Tandem Equipment Rental for Others $35 + pack
USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course
Course Fee at no charge if taken with factory course. By itself: $250
DISCOUNT $100 for USPA Instructors In Another Discipline $150
Evaluation Fee per Jump $25
Register for Tandem Rating Course

USPA AFF Rating Course

February 10-15  AFF course
April 14-19  AFF course

The AFF rating is our most popular rating. Being able to teach someone the sport that we all love so much is rewarding and fun. The AFF rating course is the most challenging and rewarding course we offer. Our goal is to teach you the skills necessary to pass the AFF rating course before we test you so you can be a confident AFF Instructor ready to train students.


AFF Instructor Rating Course
1-2 Candidates $700 (includes AFF pre-course)
3 candidates $650 (includes AFF pre-course)
4 or more candidates $600 (includes AFF pre-course)
Register for AFF Rating Course

Rookie Workshop with Steve Lefkowitz

March 3 – 4


Enjoy a low pressure experience that will be a lot of fun with a lot of learning!


Who: Newer skydivers just off student status to about 250 jumps.

What: Your Rhythm coach will plan a day of fun, instructional skydives that allow you to work on the fundamentals of belly flying in small groups of 3 – 6 people.

Where and When: Skydive Sebastian Mar 3-4

Cost: $50 registration plus $45.00 per jump (covers coaching & slots). We’ll plan on making 6 – 8 jumps over the day. At the end of the day, in addition to learning tons of new skills and and having a fun time, you’ll be able to download a video of all of your jumps.

$50 Registration is due with your form submission.
Registration can be paid cash or check made out to “Rhythm Skydiving” and mailed to:

September 15 to May 1:
Rhythm Skydiving
638 Carnival Terr
Sebastian, FL 32958

May 2 to September 14:
Rhythm Skydiving
2740 Columbus Street Suite 300
Box # 208
Ottawa, IL 61350

Credit Cards payments can be made for a 3% fee.

Alter Ego Canopy Coaching

March 16 – 18 & April 27 – 29

Team for a Day

April 7-8

Hosted by SDC Rhythm XP and Skydive Sebastian

Enjoy a low pressure experience that will be a lot of fun with a lot of learning!


Who: Skydivers at all levels interested in improving their general formation skydiving skills or specific 4way depth. Since we keep the groups to 4ways or small groups, it is great for people with deep 4way experience as well as jumpers just off student status. Skydivers will be grouped appropriately by skill level.

What: Your Rhythm team captain will plan the dives and lead the team through a day of jumping following the same format we follow when we train, thereby maximizing fun and learning. The team captain will work with you to outline a set of goals for the day. You’ll get the dives ahead of time. We’ll stretch, creep, dirt dive, mock up the exit, and then debrief and repeat each dive and debrief at the end of the day. SDC Rhythm XP will pair you up with 2-4 other participants and one Rhythm member. Groups will be 4-6 people in size, and paired based on similar experience and goals. Each team will aim to do 8-10 jumps over the day. At the end of the day, in addition to tons of new skills and a fun time, you’ll be able to download video of all of your jumps for the day. For Team for a Day events that are more than one day, participants may choose how many and which days to attend.

Where and When: Skydive Sebastian April 7-8

Cost per person: $50 registration plus $45 per jump. Costs include all organization and preparation, the participant’s slot, coach’s slot, videographer slot, coach’s pack job, videographer’s pack job, and you can download the videos at the end of the day at no extra charge.

$50 registration is due with your form submission. Deposit can be paid cash or check made out to “FSS, LLC” and mailed to:

Andrew Happick
C/O Steve Lefkowitz
638 Carnival Terrace
Sebastian, FL 32958

Credit Cards payments can be made for a 3% fee.