Our Skydive Facilities at Skydive Sebastian

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The Facilities at Skydive Sebastian

The main hangar houses manifest, the DZO’s office, the video and rigging concessions, AFF and Tandem training rooms. Video viewing televisions are mounted along the wall and include a large debriefing television for skydivers’ use. Gear lockers and rig stands can also be found here.

The Zoo Bar and Restaurant

The Zoo Bar and Restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. Menu specializing in fresh salad, pasta dishes and sandwiches. Serving beer and wine inside and on the observation deck.    The Zoo Bar hosts free wireless internet access for those who need to “stay in touch”. After the “Prop Stops” wine and beer is available for evening festivities at the Zoo Bar or the outdoor Tiki Hut.

In a beautiful park-like setting, our facilities spread over 7 acres and include our main hanger, a packing hanger, a spacious team building which contains ten team rooms and includes complete bathroom and shower facilities and an on-site Restaurant and Tiki Hut for our post jumping Happy Hour activities.

Sebastian Municipal Airport offers us 600 acres of open ground with our preferred landing area being just a short walk from the packing hangar.

All of our skydivers are invited to Camp in our campground Free of charge. The campground is situated next to the RV Park and is a short walk from the Team Building which has complete Mens’ and Womens’ bathroom and shower facilities.

If you are more inclined to off-DZ lodging we have compiled a thorough list of lodging in the Sebastian area.