Whether it’s your first jump or your 10,000th — there’s always something to learn. 

SDC Rhythm XP


SDC Rhythm XP is a 4-way team dedicated to growing love for the sport. In 2016 we placed 2nd at the USPA National Skydiving Championships.    Together we have over 30,000 jumps, hundreds of hours of tunnel time, and years of coaching experience.

Rhythm offers coaching and events for individuals and teams at all levels. Whether you just got off your A-license or have 1000’s of jumps, we have events designed for your level and we are excited to help you achieve your skydiving goals!  Catch us all Winter and Spring at Skydive Sebastian.  Some events include:

  • Rookie Skills Workshops
  • Team for a Day
  • 8way weekends
  • 4way weekends
  • Big ways and sequentials

Also, check out our great app for skydivers in their first 100 jumps:

ITunes: Rhythm Skydiving 101

Google Play Store: Rhythm Skydiving 101

Team Alter Ego


Founded in 2009, Team Alter Ego is a group of young, highly skilled up-and-coming athletes.  From canopy piloting to freeflying, to BASE jumping, to coaching, to ground launching, to demos…Alter Ego is pushing the envelope in all aspects of our sport.  The Team is quickly rising to the top and becoming leading-edge flyers in a rapidly changing sport.  Focusing on Canopy Piloting, the Team is involved in the worldwide competition scene but also focuses on local involvement to spread the knowledge and skills to others in the sport.  As the next generation of athletes, each member is pushing the boundaries of our sport in their own way, swiftly proving that Alter Ego is the future of human flight.

The Alter Ego Project is Team Alter Ego’s canopy school.  The term alter ego refers to another side of someone, just like when you leave your normal life behind and immerse yourself in the world of skydiving at the dropzone.  Our goal is to embrace that aspect of our sport and teach everyone who has the desire to learn how to become a better and safer skydiver.  The Alter Ego Project will make you a part of the team.  Join the Project and discover your true Alter Ego!

Leslie Menetrier


Leslie Menetrier has acquired 2300+ jumps and 40 hours of tunnel since she started skydiving in 2009. She was also a vertical elite head down world record attendee, won gold at the 2018 USPA Nationals in Intermediate VFS as part of team Ecliptik, and is sponsored by Boogieman and Cookie.

  • USPA Coach Rating
  • 2300 Jumps
  • 40 Hours Tunnel Time
  • Specializing in Angle, Head Up or Head Down coaching
  • Free Fly and Angle Flying Organizer and Coach
  • Fun Fact – Is a Yacht Chef, crossed the Atlantic at the age of 5

Angle, Head Up or Head Down coaching is available. For more information on day rates and per jump rates please contact Leslie.

Mandy Echevarria


Mandy started skydiving in 2018 at Skydive Perris in Perris, CA. She has competed in 4-way, 8-way, 10-way, and 16-way at the USPA Nationals since 2019. Mandy won a silver medal in 2021 for 16-way with Dallas Disturbance. She enjoys sharing her love of the sport and teaching others how to fly their bodies.

There’s nothing like hucking yourself out of a plane with friends and learning along the way! If you have fun turning points, practicing big-way skills, or just want to learn to get closer to people on a skydive, she can help!

  • USPA Coach and AFF Instructor Ratings
  • 1300 Jumps
  • Arizona Women’s State Record 3-point 40-way

Doug Dickey


Doug is a regular local organizer and coach.

  • 2200+ Jumps
  • 7 Hours Tunnel Time
  • Beginner & Intermediate Free-Flying
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Angle Flying

Suzette Hechst


Suzette has been jumping for 10+ years and has accumulated 1600+ jumps.  She enjoys being an AFF instructor, working with students, flying both 4 & 8 way, and sharing her love of the sport with others!  Her passion is to share information with skydivers, to inspire successful jumps while building their confidence.

Suzette has been a member of the Women’s Skydiving Network since 2016, as well as a mobile mentor.  When not in the air, she frequents the local tunnels to compete in the Florida Skydiving League “Kickers”.

Travis Mickle


Travis has competed at national and world-level competitions and medaled often. He once held the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest wingsuiter.

  • 12 years in the sport
  • 6200+ jumps (mostly wingsuit)