Independent Coaching at Skydive Sebastian

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SDC Rhythm XP

Coaching and Events for Individuals and Teams at all levels

SDC Rhythm XP is a 4-way team dedicated to becoming the top FS team in the world while helping other skydivers develop their skills and grow their love of the sport. In 2016 we placed 2nd at the USPA National Skydiving Championships.    Together we have over 30,000 jumps, hundreds of hours of tunnel time, and years of coaching experience.

Rhythm offers coaching and events for individuals and teams at all levels. Whether you just got off your A-license or have 1000’s of jumps, we have events designed for your level and we are excited to help you achieve your skydiving goals!  Catch us all Winter and Spring at Skydive Sebastian.  Some events include:

  • Rookie Skills Workshops
  • Team for a Day
  • 8way weekends
  • 4way weekends
  • Big ways and sequentials

Also, check out our great app for skydivers in their first 100 jumps:

ITunes: Rhythm Skydiving 101

Google Play Store: Rhythm Skydiving 101


Team Alter Ego

Canopy Piloting and Swoop Coaching

Founded in 2009, Team Alter Ego is a group of young, highly skilled up-and-coming athletes.  From canopy piloting , to freeflying, to BASE jumping, to coaching, to ground launching, to demos…Alter Ego is pushing the envelope in all aspects of our sport.  The Team is quickly rising to the top and becoming leading edge flyers in a rapidly changing sport.  Focusing on Canopy Piloting, the Team is involved in the World Wide competition scene, but also focuses on local involvement to spread the knowledge and skills to others in the sport.  As the next generation of athletes, each member is pushing the boundaries of our sport in their own way, swiftly proving that Alter Ego is the future of human flight.

The Alter Ego Project is Team Alter Ego’s canopy school.  The term alter ego refers to another side of someone, just like when you leave your normal live behind and immerse yourself in the world of skydiving at the dropzone.  Our goal is to embrace that aspect of our sport and teach everyone that has the desire to learn how to become a better and safer skydiver.  The Alter Ego Project will make you a part of the team.  Come join the Project and discover your true Alter Ego!Pricing:

All Courses are $140 per person and are one day courses.  Jump tickets are not included in the price.  Weather permitting, each course is at least 5 jumps, however, we will continue jumping until sunset if desired.  One on one coaching is available for any course for a price of $350 plus the cost of jumps.


Alex Hart

Angle Flying, Free Flying, Canopy Piloting

Winter Season 2018-2019

  • Spends the winter season with us
  • 9 years of active skydiving experience
  • 7,700 skydives and 80 hours of tunnel time
  • Permanent load organizer @ Start Skydiving (Home DZ)
  • 3 Years of experience organizing everything from beginner freefly to 15-way movement dives.
  • 2012 US Nationals 2nd place overall
    2017 US Nationals 2nd place overall, 1st Accuracy, 3rd Speed, 2nd Distance
    2017 Pink CP Open 5th place overall
    2017 FLCPA 2 Golds, 2 bronze, 3rd place Season Overall
    2017 MWCPA Meet 1 1st place overall
  • Sponsors:, Fastrax, Liquidsky, SSK,, PerformanceDesigns, Cypres 2
  • Contact Alex via Email
  • @AEX_NINJA on  

 Rob Stevenson

20,000 Skydives
FS/RW, Tunnel, Teams, Canopy Coaching
  • Full time AFF and Tandem instructor at Skydive Sebastian
  • U.K. National Champion from 1998, 2004, 2006, 2010 in 4-way and 8-way formation skydiving
  • Attended 2001/2003/2006/2010 World Championships, to represent the U.K.
  • Rob can coach most levels of skydiving, his experience qualifies him to teach individuals the very basics 1-on-1, the basics of Formation Skydiving and up to an intermediate level of 4-way and 8way. He is experienced at coaching up to these levels, both in the air and in the wind tunnel.
  • Rob is also available to train and coach you for all your license requirements A,B,C and D. You can hire Rob for the day to complete your training, for your A license coach jumps, B license canopy course and water training.
  • Coaching fee’s vary from a jump to jump or a daily rate depending on the type of training.
  • Rob is at the DZ most days, please feel free to contact him there or via Facebook, (Rob Stevenson) – Email

Mike Parker “Peanuts”

  • USPA ‘D’ License
  • USPA Coach Rating
  • 1000 Jumps
  • Specializing in RW formation jumps
  • Club ‘Jump In’ Organizer
  • Send Mike an Email
  • Cell Number: 321-917-5199


I started jumping in 1984. Learned early on from some of the greats. After a hiatus, I returned to jumping with a renewed outlook and passion. Now, as an Organizer for Club Jump In, I want to share the excitement and thrill with others. Come join me for fun jumps, coach jumps, or to just get in the air! I am available during weekdays and most weekends.

Neil Hutchinson

FS/RW and Angle Flying
  • USPA D License
  • USPA Coach Rating
  • 1000+ jumps
  • Specializing in RW and Angle Flying
  • $30 per jump + slots
  • Multiple custom packages available
  • Telephone #: 954-647-7228
  • Multiple custom packages available
  • Send Neil an Email.


Originally from England but now living in Florida. Have been skydiving for over 5 years with over 500 angle flying (tracking) jumps but coaching RW (belly) is still the important foundation to all skydiving. I can help with your coach jumps to obtain your A License or for more experienced RW or angle flying I am here to help you in a fun and safe manner.

I am at the drop zone almost every weekend of the year. Come and say hi and lets jump! Cheers Neil

Bill Flynn


Making skydiving in to a fun learning adventure



With 18 years of RW experience, I specialize in making learning not only safe but fun. A purpose driven path to a well rounded skydiver.