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Skydive Sebastian Invasion 2023 website banner

Invasion 2023

Registration is at capacity — we look forward to seeing you all!

Jump, pack, repeat. 

Be the Pan: wild, untamed, and just a smidge immature (but not too much, we still have waivers).

Pack your bags, double check your rigs, and prepare for a skydiver Invasion of Neverland.

It’s a party so electrifying, even Captain Hook himself would swoop the pond, regardless of the crocodi—er, the alligators, that is.

Note: registration is capped at 500 participants — and all registration slots are sold out. 

  • $125 early reservation with free jersey until Sept 30
  • $135 registration with free jersey until Oct 31
  • After October 31, $135 registration, no Jersey
  • $145 at the event, no jersey
  • $50 daily event registration