Our Schedule of Skydiving Camps & Boogies
2017 – 2018

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Rookie Skills Workshop

January 26 – 27
Enjoy a low pressure experience that will be a lot of fun with a lot of learning!
Who: Newer skydivers just off student status to about 250 jumps.
What: Your Rhythm coach will plan a day of fun, instructional skydives that allow you to work on the fundamentals of belly flying in small groups of 3 – 6 people.
Where and When: Skydive Sebastian January 26-27
Cost: $50 registration plus $45.00 per jump (covers coaching & slots). We’ll plan on making 4-6 jumps over the day. At the end of the day, in addition to learning tons of new skills and and having a fun time, you’ll be able to download a video of all of your jumps.

Upright World Record Tryout Camp

with SDC CORE – March 22 – 24

Organizers: Jason Russell, Rook Nelson, Dusty Hanks, Stephanie Strange, Jake Jensen, Sam Lendle

Our goal is to select participants for the Upright World Record Attempts taking place at Skydive Chicago in July 2019.

If you receive a slot from this camp you will be a part of the initial record attempts.

This tryout is also a training opportunity to continue to hone your skills.  If you don’t receive a slot at this camp, the training you get will help prepare you for future vertical bigways.  There will be thorough pre-briefs and de-briefs of each jump. 

Who can participate?

  • Must be able to fly head down and headup with control 
  • Must be to safely control your level and proximity to a large formation in an upright orientation 
  • Must be able to safely do a head down approach and break off
  • Experience in head down bigway formations preferred.

Event Schedule:

  • 5 jumps per day
  • Friday: warm up day-single plane jumps from 13500
  • Saturday: single plane jumps 13500
  • Sunday: formation jumps from 14500.

Camp Costs:

Regular altitude $25.50
Formation above 13500. $28.00
Slots are limited to 80 people.
Registration is $50/day. Registration must be paid to hold your slot in the camp or warm up day.  Non-refundable

Email us to Register

Safety is our priority.  If you are flying in an unsafe manner (on approach, in vertical freefall, on break off or under canopy) you will be removed from the camp.