Invasion 2021

Tuesday to Sunday
December 28 2021 - January 2 2022

Join us to celebrate the upcoming 2022 and say goodbye to 2021.

Early Registration by September 1: $75 (includes a free Invasion jersey)
Register by October 31: $85 (includes a free Invasion jersey)
Register by Dec 19: $85 (no jersey)

Register after Dec. 19 online or at the event: $99 (no jersey)
Daily event registration: $45
Your registration is non-transferable and non-refundable after December 1

High Altitude jumps 20,000 Ft

Only 37 Spots Available

Must have a B License and own gear
Non-Refundable unless cancelled for weather
Briefing 7:50 am. Must be present for briefing and roll call to jump or you will forfeit your ticket.
Skydiver's Name
License #
REGISTER by December 19, 2021
Skydiver's Name
License #


Skydive Ratings is the industry's one-stop destination for all of your skydiving instructor qualifications.

Coach Rating Course
March 9 - 11

Tandem Instructor Course
March 12 - 14

Coach AFF instructor
February 16 - 21 | March 30 - April 4

For More info & To Register

Night Jumps

Night jumps are back!

The usual requirements are still in order: B-License is a must, with briefings starting 30 min after sunset. One jump must be made during the day at our DZ before the night jump.

Night jump kits available for $21.
Kits include red and green lights and strobe lights.

Don't have a B-License yet? Contact manifest for upcoming dates for water training and B-License canopy courses!

If any of our night jump dates are cancelled due to weather, we will add a later date to make up for that.


4 Way Skills Workshop

with Steve from Rhythm

April 3-4


2021 Mermaid Boogie

November 12-14
*The fee includes jersey, dinner, awesome organizers, party Saturday night, and awesome goodies.
ORGANIZERS (more to come):
Julie Kleinwort - RW/FS/Belly
Suzette Hechst - RW/FS/Belly
Wendi Corbin - Freefly
WSN Ladies only Pink canopy course on Friday, Nov 12th taught by Jeannie Bartholomew
Cost is $150, more info here:
Register by sending an email to info@thealteregoproject.com
Email To Register

Night Jumps

November 20 & January 15
 (February 12 back up date)
Night jumps are coming 💥
November 20 and January 15 ✨
(February 12 will be a backup date if one of the others are cancelled)
Night jumps are $30. Must have a B License, backlit altimeter, strobe light, green glow stick, red glow stick.
Night jump kits with strobes and reusable glow sticks are available in the office for $22.
Please call to book spot
Call (772) 388-5672

Alter ego Canopy Courses

This team needs no introduction.
When it comes to canopy piloting, they are simply the best and we LOVE having them at Skydive Sebastian to train our jumpers.
Contact to schedule a course or to signup for an upcoming course!
Alter Ego Project