monsters Ball

October 29
Details: Costume contest - cash prizes
Details to come
Must be dressed as a monster to enter
$200 cash prize first place
$100 cash prize second place
$50 cash prize third place

Mermaid Boogie

Nov 12-13
Jumper Registration: TBD
*Includes jersey, raffle, dinner, awesome organizers, party Saturday night, and awesome goodies.

NOTE: We have the start date listed as Friday, but the canopy course is the only scheduled event on Friday. Boogie load organizing officially starts on Saturday.

ORGANIZERS: Julie Kleinwort - FS aka belly, Suzette Hechst - FS aka belly, Mandy Echevarria FS aka belly, Wendi Corbin - Freefly

CANOPY COURSE: Jeannie Bartholomew is offering a ladies only Pink canopy course on Friday, Nov 11th.

Apologies, but any men wanting to take a canopy course will have to settle for Curt Bartholomew.

FLCPA Meet #6 Skydive Sebastian

November 19 & 20
Join us for Meet #6 of the 2022 FLCPA season!
This will also be the year end awards ceremony and banquet hosted by the Zoo Bar!
Mandatory briefing Friday evening TBD
Free coaching by a CP Pro Friday from 9am-5pm coach TBD
IMPORTANT - Meet registration goes up by $65 the Wednesday prior to the competition at midnight; so please register early. This is subject to change before the start of the season.
FMI & Registration

Invasion 2022 Call of the Wild

December 27 - Jan 1

The 2022 Invasion starts on December 27 2022 and goes until Jan 1 2023

This year's theme: Call of the Wild: What's Your Spirit Animal?

Early Registration by September 1: $75 (includes a free Invasion jersey)
Register by October 31: $85 (includes a free Invasion jersey)
After October 31: $85 (no jersey)
Register at the event: $99 (no jersey)
Daily event registration: $45 (per day)

Your registration is non-transferable and non-refundable after December 1

More Info & Registration