Our Schedule of Skydiving Camps & Boogies
2017 – 2018

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Invasion 2018

December 27 – January 1

New Years Eve Party
Novelty Jumps
Novelty Aircraft

Register by December 24

Register at Event  –  $60
Daily Registration  –  $20
Skydiver's Name
License #

December 28-29 Camp

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December 29-30 Camp

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December 30-31 Camp

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Head Up Big Way Warm Up/Practice Camp Dec 28 - Dec 30 $25
Anyone who intends to attend the head up record tryouts or camps Must be able to safely approach the formations & Must be able to safely break off from the formation.

Visit  www.sebastianinvasion.com for more info!

Rookie Skills Workshop

January 26 – 27
Enjoy a low pressure experience that will be a lot of fun with a lot of learning!
Who: Newer skydivers just off student status to about 250 jumps.
What: Your Rhythm coach will plan a day of fun, instructional skydives that allow you to work on the fundamentals of belly flying in small groups of 3 – 6 people.
Where and When: Skydive Sebastian January 26-27
Cost: $50 registration plus $45.00 per jump (covers coaching & slots). We’ll plan on making 4-6 jumps over the day. At the end of the day, in addition to learning tons of new skills and and having a fun time, you’ll be able to download a video of all of your jumps.