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Learn to Skydive at Sebastian!

Aspiring skydivers from all over the world come to our skydiving school to enroll in our Accelerated Freefall courses. As a Group Member of The United States Parachute Association we subscribe and adhere to its training policies and guidelines.

We operate one of the largest skydiving schools in the country and offer our students the highest level of professional instruction while they enjoy the rest of their vacation time on the Florida beaches.

Experience your first Skydive where The Scenery is inspiring!

How to Purchase or Reserve your 1st Student Skydive at Sebastian!

You can Reserve and Purchase your AFF Course or 1st Student Skydive here using PayPal or if you would prefer to purchase your skydives when you visit the Skydiving Center, you can make a reservation for your AFF Course or 1st Student Skydive by calling our Manifest Office at 800.399.JUMP or by sending us an Email advising us of your plans

If you provide us with your telephone number and email address, we will call and/or write you and confirm your reservation. Your reservation date can be changed if your plans change with nothing more than a quick telephone call or an Email to our manifest staff.

You must be 18 years of age and cannot weigh in excess of 230 lbs to enroll in an AFF Course or a 1st Student Skydive.

Pre-Purchase the Entire AFF Course for $1,335.00

Purchase your Ground School and 1st Student Skydive for $305.00

If you do not complete the course and would like a refund; jumps will be prorated and a 6% refund fee will be charged on refunded amount.

AFF Handcam Training Video Package – $125

Each of your student skydives is recorded on Handcam video to enhance student learning during instructor debriefing.  You have an opportunity to purchase a package of these videos.

1 Flash Drive
10 instructor freefall debrief videos (7 jumps)
Individual Debrief Videos $30 each

Outside Video and Digital Photos Package on a Flash Drive- $105

An additional jumpmaster/videographer accompanies you and your instructors on a skydive. Video will include your exit from the aircraft, as well as your freefall, and landing)

The Accelerated Freefall Program equips novice skydivers with freefall and canopy control skills through a eight level program, designed to safely teach you to skydive. Safety is greatly enhanced by direct-in-air jumpmaster supervision. To ensure safety for you and other skydivers, you must demonstrate proficiency on one level before progressing to the next.

You can begin your AFF Course at your convenience. Our instructors will be ready to begin your ground school first thing in the morning on any day of the week you choose. As a special offering, We have arranged a limited number of scheduled during which you can complete your AFF Course over a long weekend or complete both the AFF Course and secure your USPA “A” License in a week!

Description of the Accelerated Freefall Course

Ground School Training

Your ground school will last approximately 6 hours, and you’ll be introduced to all aspects of skydiving including the equipment you will use and the manner in which you will utilize all your skydiving equipment including your main and reserve canopies.

You’ll be taught all of the normal procedures for exiting the aircraft and proper body position to maintain during freefall, enabling you to fly your body in a stable and confident manner.

Ground school will also cover all required emergency procedures and all the fundamentals of piloting your canopy for a safe and accurate landing at the drop zone.

If you would like to read some instructional materials that will familiarize you with your Ground School Instruction in advance of your visit to Skydive Sebastian, he USPA has created an Online Ground School that you will find instructive and helpful

Three Training Skydives with two Instructors

Two jumpmasters are assigned to each individual student and, weather permitting, you will be able to “suit up” and make your skydive!

This provides for 40 seconds of freefall directly supervised by two USPA certified jumpmasters and allows you to land your parachute with radio instruction.

During your second and third training jumps you continue to learn the basic movements of body flight and ground reference awareness as you fall with your jumpmasters next to you.

Four Training Skydives with one Instructor

You learn basic control during freefall such as:

  • 90 degree and 360 degree turns
  • forward flight
  • The skills required for more precise turns
  • Forward movement
  • Spotting (directing the aircraft to a safe exit point)
  • More advanced maneuvers, including front flip and back loop and recovery from planned unstable body positions.

When you’re ready you will give your instructor a “solo” demonstration of the skills you have learned.

A Final Graduation Skydive

Once you and your instructor are mutually confident that you’re ready, you make your graduation skydive, your first solo jump! Graduating AFF customarily results in many congratulations from everyone at the DZ! It’s all part of becoming part of the select group of people who have made this adventure part of their life.

Every student skydiver is required to join the USPA on either a temporary or annual basis. The USPA provides many benefits to the skydiving community including 3rd Party liability coverage for your skydiving activities. The cost of USPA Membership, in addition to the cost of your student jumps, is $30 for a temporary (90 days) membership or $78.00 for your initial annual membership which includes a monthly subscription to the USPA publication “Parachutist”. We suggest the annual membership since Parachutist is one of the best publications in the industry and you’ll look forward to receiving your copy each month.

Purchase a temporary or annual USPA Membership online  prior to checking-in with the Manifest Office.

Purchase your Student Skydives here on the internet and make your reservation at the same time! If it’s a gift, print a Gift Certificate after your purchase.

You must be 18 years of age and cannot weigh in excess of 230 lbs to perform Student skydives.

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