Take the next step with our USPA-accredited Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course

How Does the AFF Course Work?*

Skydive Sebastian operates one of the largest skydiving schools in the country and offers our students the highest level of professional instruction. As a United States Parachute Association group member, we adhere to their training guidelines and standards for safety.

*You must be between the ages of 18-59.

United States Parachute Association group member
AFF Student Skydive

What is Accelerated Free Fall?

The accelerated freefall program is the safest, most rapid way to become a licensed skydiver. Instead of beginning with static line jumps and gradually gaining altitude, you begin in freefall with two instructors holding on to you and rapidly progress through basic freefall skills in 7 jumps. 

Online Ground School

Skydive Sebastian’s online ground school is taught by USPA instructors and introduces you to all aspects of skydiving, including your equipment, aircraft, and landing. You’ll learn all of the procedures for exiting the aircraft, proper freefall body position, and how to deploy your main and reserve canopies. 

Finally, we will go over emergency procedures and the fundamentals of canopy piloting so you can have a safe and accurate landing at the drop zone. 

Your online ground school must be completed within 30-days of purchase, and you must complete an in-person practical application and final exam before your first AFF jump.

You can also schedule an in-person ground school by calling our manifest office. Additional fees may apply.

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AFF Student Skydive

How is AFF Structured?

AFF Jumps 1-3: Two Instructors

Two USPA-certified jumpmasters are assigned to each individual student. This provides for 40 seconds of freefall under direct supervision and allows you to land your parachute with radio instruction.

During your second and third training jumps, you continue to learn the basic movements of body flight and ground reference awareness as you fall with your jumpmasters next to you.

AFF Jumps 4-7: One Instructor

You learn essential body flight control during freefall:

  • 90-degree and 360-degree turns
  • Precise turns
  • Forward movement
  • Spotting (directing the aircraft to a safe exit point)
  • More advanced maneuvers, including front flip and back loop and recovery from planned unstable body positions.


When you’re ready, you’ll make your graduation skydive, your first solo jump!

Graduating AFF customarily results in many congratulations from everyone at the DZ! It’s all part of becoming part of the select group of people who have made this adventure part of their life.

While it’s possible to complete all 25 jumps to earn your A-License in a week, skydiving is very weather dependent and there’s no guarantee you will be able to complete the required jumps in that period of time. 

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