Learn To Skydive and Qualify for your USPA “A” License in a Week!

AFF Student Skydive

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Complete the AFF Course and the USPA A License Requirements in a Week!

AFF is designed for jumpers who have completed a tandem or do not want to complete a tandem and would like to begin freefall and canopy control training. Students begin training in a Ground School class and learn freefall body positions, dive flow, altitude awareness, heading awareness, deployment procedures, emergency procedures, canopy flight skills, and landing patters.

Your AFF Course includes 8 Student Skydives and your USPA “A” License requires you to complete 17 Solo and coached jumps. Overall, you will complete 25 skydives qualifying you for your USPA “A” License.

In the course of the week you will complete all the jumps required for you to graduate from the AFF program and secure your USPA “A” License!

The AFF Course and A License in a Week!

The total cost for your “AFF & A” License Course will be $2,372.50:

$1,335.00 – AFF Course
$230.00 – 2 coaching jumps
$757.50 – 15 solo jumps
$50.00 – Packing Class

Write us to schedule your “AFF and A License in a Week” Course!

Your “A” License in a Week” will be offered in conjunction with the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course which is the student program designed to provide you with all the required skydiving instruction to qualify you to Skydive solo.

How to Pre-purchase the AFF and USPA “A” License Course

You can Reserve and Purchase your AFF and USPA “A” License Course here using PayPal or if you would prefer to purchase your course when you visit the Skydiving Center, you can make a reservation for your AFF Course or 1st Student Skydive by calling our Manifest Office at 800.399.JUMP or by sending us an Email advising us of your plans

You don’t need a PayPal Account. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and is one of the most reliable ways to purchase online. PayPal will advise us by email of your purchase including the date you indicate for your jump. We will call and/or write you and confirm your reservation. Your reservation date can be changed if your plans change with nothing more than a quick telephone call or an Email to our manifest staff.

You must be 18 years of age and cannot weigh in excess of 230 lbs to enroll in an AFF Course or a 1st Student Skydive.

Pre-Purchase the AFF and USPA “A” License Course for $2,372.50
Student skydives are fully refundable for 60 days. Thereafter they are not refundable but are fully transferable.


Week’s Schedule:

Your Ground School and daily Skydiving begins at 8:00 am on Weekends & 9:00 am on Weekdays

Day 1 – Check in at the manifest office and complete required paperwork. You will receive a Syllabus and Ground School Class will begin shortly thereafter in the AFF classroom. After completion of Ground School you will make your AFF Level 1 skydive.

Day 2: – Check in with manifest to collect goggles and altimeter. You will be assigned an instructor to begin your Level 2 training. You will complete Levels 2, 3, 4, and 5. There will be a minimum of 30 minutes between jumps.

Day 3 – Check in at manifest. You will complete Levels 6, 7, and your graduation jump – Level 8. There will be a minimum of 30 minutes between jumps. Upon AFF graduation pose for a graduation photo and your instructor will complete your log book along with your graduation stamp.

Day 4 – Complete any levels that were not completed or complete solo jumps to practice exit and freefall skills. Check in with manifest upon graduation for an A-License card and a graduation photo that will be posted on the graduate board. Begin packing class for A-License qualification at 11 am. The packing class generally lasts 4 hours and you jump your pack job at the end.

Day 5 – Check in at manifest to get your altimeter and goggles. Complete Coach Jumps and Solo Jumps.

Day 6 – Check in at manifest to get your altimeter and goggles. Complete Coach Jumps and Solo Jumps.

Day 7 – Check in at manifest to get your altimeter and goggles. Complete any remaining Coach Jumps and Solo Jumps remaining to complete your 25 jumps for the A-License.

Advance Reservation Required.

The USPA A-License can also be completed at your convenience as long as you complete at least 1 jump every 30 days. Please keep in mind skydiving is weather dependent.

The Zoo Bar is open for lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Stay hydrated and snack.

Sharpen your skills in the Wind Tunnel before or during the AFF Course – although tunnel time is not a substitute for required skydives, ten minutes in the tunnel enhances your skills to a degree that might otherwise take 10 skydives to accomplish. The tunnel is an excellent option to advance your flying skills before or during your AFF Course. Reserve time in advance at the Iflyworld Orlando Wind Tunnel.