Tandem Skydive to the Beach!

A Tandem Skydive to the Beach includes “fast” trasportation to the beach and somewhat slower transportation back to the skydiving center on our shuttle bus. Although the beach is barely a mile away from our landing area at the airport “as the bird flies” (or a skydiver as the case may be) the bridge over the intercoastal waterway is south of the skydiving center which makes the return trip take approximately half an hour.

Tandem Skydives to the Beach must be scheduled Wednesday – Sunday in the 3:00 PM time slot.

Beach Tandem


Beach Tandem Skydive

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You can make an online reservation for your skydive(s). Online reservations require that you either purchase your skydives or pay a $50.00 deposit for each reservation. You can also call our Manifest Office at (772) 388 – 5672 and they will be happy to make a reservation for you on the phone without a deposit. If your plans change, you will, of course, be free to reschedule your skydive(s).

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On a regular basis we Skydive on the Sebastian Beach with Skydivers landing in front of the Sebastian Beach Inn, a terrific bar and restaurant with a large outdoor deck located right on the Sebastian Beach.

Although you can choose to stay at the beach with family or friends to enjoy the weekend ambience of the Sebastian Beach Inn, our jumpmasters and support and safety staff have to make the return trip which is the reason for the additional cost of a tandem skydive to the beach.

When you are planning your tandem skydive at Skydive Sebastian you can request to take part in a Beach Skydive. If we have a “beach jump” planned for the day day you are visiting us, we will try to include you in the beach flight. Ask us for details concerning scheduling and participating in a Beach Tandem Skydive!