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Night Jumps

November 28, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for night jumps whether you love them and want to do more or want to do them for your D License

Arrive early because you must make one daytime jump at Sebastian before the night jump.

Briefing at 6 pm, first night jump at 6:30 pm (if there is interest we will do multiple night jumps)

Must have:

B License

Backlit altimeter (has a light or glows in the dark to read it)

1 red glow stick

1 green glow stick



D License requirements:  https://uspa.org/SIM/3#1

  1. D License
    Persons holding a USPA D license are able to exercise all privileges of a C-license holder, are eligible for all USPA ratings, and must have—

    1. met all current requirements for or hold a USPA C license
    2. completed 500 jumps including accumulating at least three hours of controlled freefall time
    3. completed at least one of the following skills requirements:
      1.  made two-night jumps (recommended that the first one be a solo and one in a group) with a freefall of at least 20 seconds:
        1.  with verification of prior night jump training from a USPA Instructor holding a USPA D license
        2.  with the advice of an S&TA, in accordance with USPA BSRs
      2. landed within seven feet of the target center on 50 jumps.
      3. participated in a canopy formation of a 3 stack or larger.
      4. completed an intentional water jump.
      5. successful completion of one hundred formation skydives, at least twenty-five of which must involve at least eight participants.
    4. Passed the written USPA D license exam conducted by a current USPA I/E, S&TA, or USPA board member.



November 28, 2020
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm